Prospective Members

New Members 2017 for Les Dames Nashville

Each year, we have the opportunity to grow our chapter and it is our honor to invite new members.

 We are looking for dynamic women. Nominees should be:

  • Someone who is a leader in her field, a voice in our community.
  • Someone who would enrich this chapter and its mission.
  • Someone who would love to be an active member, and is in a position to do so.
  • Someone whom you would be willing to sponsor.

Our membership is multi-faceted, drawing from a wide range of experts in food, beverage and hospitality: chefs, restaurateurs, caterers, culinary school proprietors and teachers, professors, culinary historians, food editors and writers, cookbook authors, recipe developers and testers, hoteliers and hotel executives, vintners and wine merchants, brewers and distillers, chocolatiers, bakers, farmers, producers, food activists, food scientists, dietitians, food merchants, lawyers, communications specialists, manufacturers and purveyors. 

Each applicant should have minimum five years professional experience, and is distinguished in her field. 

Please send nominations completed on the form below to by March 31, 2017.