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Mayor Megan Barry announces Opportunity NOW initiative; Les Dames Nashville prepares to pitch in

This week, Mayor Megan Barry announced plans to employ 10,000 Nashville youth for the summer. Stay tuned for a unique opportunity to help Nashville Dames contribute to that goal. Here's what Barry had to say at the announcement of her effort, Opportunity NOW:

Nashville Dames attended the LDEI Annual Conference 2016 in Washington D.C.

Global Appetite Local Impact LDEI Conference Washington DC October 26-29 2016 Nashville Chapter Attendees: Anne Byrn, Sylvia Ganier, Nancy Knoepfel, Lee Towery, Nancy Vienneau Keynote: Culinary Diplomacy and Conflict Cuisine Dr. Johanna Mendelson Forman of American University’s School of International Service spoke about Food as Soft Power: In non-coercive fashion, it can shape preferences, project an image, act as a form of foreign policy. The same notion that brings a ...